Please Help Our Cause!


The Problem

More than half of Bolivia's population is below the age of 30, with the largest portion of that group being children.  In Santa Cruz, one can see children under 10 years of age begging in traffic and sleeping on the sides of the streets during school days.  It is commonly known that the children's parents, often homeless themselves, send them to the streets to raise money.  Unfortunately, the children use the money to buy drugs, and that is why they can be seen sleeping on the side of the road. 

How We Are Helping

We are traveling down on our first mission in August of 2018.  The cookies are just a conversation starter to meet the children and their families.  In addition to providing nutritional and medical aid, we will be gathering up information so that we can return to these same families on future missions.  We will be creating a documentary to use to raise funds in the US.  We have a small team of local university students to help us.  We will be building a larger team on the mission.

What You Can Do

Please donate and spread the word about what we are doing.  Encourage others to donate.  Every dollar of donation goes towards the cause. Our workers are and always will be volunteers.  Consider that your donation might get a child to a hospital for treatment.  It might give a family a few extra dollars so that they can afford shelter.  It might buy milk for children in children's hospitals that often don't have milk for the children! Thank you.